College Thoughts

The nature of getting the chills before the first day of classes is exceedingly inevitable. Particularly in college. A tremor of fear running through our veins, those first day jitters, the butterflies in our stomachs. They’re all the same. Contrary to the name of my blog, this entry is all about what I and probably the rest of my batch mates have been wondering about before we all get to be officially branded as college students.

Who doesn’t get timid in the feeling of entering in a different campus? The culture, the events, the people. They’re all newfangled to all of us. Will I be able to meet the expectations of my soon-to-be-professors? Or perhaps the better question would be: Will I be ‘fortunately’ put in the class of a terror professor? Is it possible for an ordinary person like me to get in the Dean’s list? Is this the place where I finally stumble across my destined lover? Would adjusting be acutely dissimilar from that in high school? Do I have all of the school supplies must haves prepared already? It’s the questions that kill us.

It’s unhealthy having our minds dominated by negative thoughts. To avoid these, we always have to find a way to preoccupy our minds.

  1. Don’t worry too much. Just supply all the basic necessities you think you will be needing.
  2. Terror professors? Someone told me that they really do not exist. These professors just want us to discover things for ourselves and know our responsibilities in a more individualistic way. In our past education years, we have been contingent to our parents, teachers and friends. Let us all envisage that spoon feeding is no longer a fad in college.
  3. For the remaining days of our very *insert sarcasm here* constructive summer, a helpful head start for all of us is to make sure that you are at least able to browse on your previous textbooks and/or visited the site of the university you are entering to.
  4. When you get into a romantic relationship, keep in mind that he/she is merely an inspiration. Don’t be too hasten in finding the one. Let it find you.
  5. The most essential tip in acquiring friends is that you should know how to socialize. Observe proper manners when talking to people because *cue the very common quote* first impression lasts. Know when to speak or shut your mouth, because remember they still don’t know you and are as well adjusting to the new environment.
  6. Make sure that you have already agreed with your own self that setting aside distractions is an imperative rule. As early as possible, distance yourself from people who you think will be the cause of your downfall.

And that’s all about it. Learn to incorporate all the tips by engrossing your mind with positivity that you are going to push this through. Make the most out of your remaining days of summer by binge watching your favorite tv shows, reading books of your own choice, having to get pizza delivered to your home and spending time with your family and friends.


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