what panic attacks feel like


Racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness.

These are some of the physical effects a person with panic disorder gets to feel.

1 in 75 people are affected and I believe I belong to the ratio of 1.

If you do not know what it feels like to experience those physical symptoms mentioned above, allow me to put these experiences into words and try to make you feel empathized.

Panic attack. It’s the feeling you get when you go up until the 4th floor of Raymund’s Building in UST for your entrance exam, having no one to help you calm your condition down, having nobody beside you. When you know there are a lot of people surrounding you and you’re that close in holding the shoulder of the stranger closest to you just to find assurance that you are not alone. It sucks. It’s the feeling you get when you receive news regarding the death of a friend. It’s the non-stop inclined heart rate. What more if the demise came from a relative or a very close friend? It sucks. It’s the feeling you get when you’ve been playing sports for a long time but then in one sudden tick, you become too paranoid to even sweat – oh, i think i exaggerated on that a little bit – increase your pulse rate even for good health purposes. It sucks. It’s the feeling you get when you overthink at night, and suddenly have those flashes of anxiety along with the shortness of breath. It sucks. And worst of all, it’s the feeling you get when you already anticipate that you are going to have a panic attack. And you know that no matter how far you run, it won’t help alleviate your condition. All you gotta do is sit down and wait for the feeling to vanish. IT S-U-C-K-S.

giphy luj

But hey, despite my haplessness due to this “disorder”, I’ve still got a lot of things to be thankful for. Panic attacks diminish over age (teens and young adults are mostly affected). Another thing is, I try to overcome it by not limiting myself to what I’m afraid of. I continue to do what really makes me happy.

Again, panic attack is the feeling you get when you go up until the 4th floor of SBC-R’s building back in your senior year in high school, and up until the 4th floor of Miguel building of DLSU for almost all of your first term classes..

BUT because it was and is still a daily routine, my body became used to it. Days, weeks, months, it lessened the attack’s symptoms, thus acquiring only the normal feeling of exhaustion.

It feels great. Knowing that I am capable of helping myself get through this. It’s hard from the beginning but all you got to do is fill your mind with positive thoughts. That’s what keeps me going.

For those who got curious as to why I wrote this entry, it’s because I’m preparing for a report about anxiety disorders in our Psychology class and with all of the terms deliberately researched and experienced, it prompted me to make one.

To those who share the same condition as I do, HIGH FIVE to you! We can get through this. Remember that there are a lot of people suffering 10x the pain you are experiencing. In layman’s term, the pain you feel is just like a bite of an ant to them.

To those who haven’t experienced panic attacks ever, you are one lucky human being. This is also to raise awareness to YOU who haven’t experienced any of those symptoms mentioned yet, to please, please, PLEASE be there for those who are suffering with this anxiety disorder.

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