Allow yourself to be immersed in the culture of the Northern Kankanaeys and drown in the splendor of places that exhibit natural/cultural value. 12 hours of going up and down the winding road just to reach Mountain Province, SAGADA (yes you read it 12 HOURS including pee stops ok olryt). But it was worth it!

What not to miss out:

  • Sunrise on the Kiltepan peak! When we were there it was crowded but it was a really fun experience. We actually went back to the Kiltepan peak at dusk and it was all foggy. Not even a single person was there so it was creepy. Guess it’s just a whole lot better if the place is crowded then. =))
  • Hanging coffins in any burial cave (I actually learned about this in my WIKAKUL subject that this Igorot tradition was practiced because it was believed to be an act ‘closer to heaven’).
  • GAIA crafts & cafe. Really good place with a peaceful ambiance, picture-perfect view, vegetarian & delicious food.

Here’s a short video (promise) about our trip and hopefully you get a little idea about the province already! ❤

If you’re planning to go for a budgeted and cowboy-ish trip far far away from Manila, Sagada is the place for you!

Here are the approximate expenses for the whole trip (3D2N):

Toll: MNL-Sagada-MNL = P1091.-

Food: P200/person (good for 2)

Gasoline: P2,800 or less

Parking fees: 35-50 pesos

Tourism fee: P35/person

Souvenir shirts: P150 each

For the hotel, we lodged in Rock Inn Cafe since it had one of the highest ratings when we looked it up. We had a good time there (staff were accommodating, huge meal servings, bedrooms conducive to sleep, bonfire ready and they even have a communal restroom!) however the place is just too far from the town [where everything else is located].

Another tip, when in Sagada, always remember that when you buy a single meal, it’s already a meal good for 2 (if you don’t eat that much like my family and I!).

Journey in Sagada can actually be done in a day if you’re just sight-seeing or hopping on and off in places. But if you’re looking for extreme sports such as rock climbing or canyoneering, you’ll definitely need more than a day lol. Lowest temperature was 14 degrees when we were there so bring out all them sweatshirts and thermal pants loljk.

~ end of blog ~


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