Mt. Tagapo traverse


See itinerary and expenses at the end of the photo dump. Enjoy!


Our itinerary

6:00 am – Meet up at KFC, Tikling (ate breakfast and bought our trail food).

6:30 am – Rode a jeep to Binangonan and asked the driver to drop us in the ferry port.

7:20 am – Reached Binangonan port (Pritil port) via jeepney.

7:25 am – Asked the locals for the ferry going to Brgy. Janosa in Tamil Island.

8:30 am – Left for Brgy. Janosa.

9:40 am – Arrived at Brgy Janosa and headed to the base camp for registration and our tour guide.

9:45 am – Started hiking!

11:45 am – Halfway through and near the summit.

1:20 pm – Started going down.

2:30 pm – Back from where we were. Freshened up.

4:15 pm – Back to the boat heading to the ferry port.

5:30 pm – Rode the jeep going back to Taytay.


KFC tikling to Binangonan port – P22.00

Registration fee – P20.00

Boat fee – P30.00

Tour guide – P400.00 (good for 7 persons)

Binangonan port to Isaw Haus, Taytay – P26.00

Food & water – P300 more or even less (breakfast, lunch & dinner)

For a total of roughly P448.00! Such a budget and hike friendly trip. 

Lesson learned, always bring a lot of water (bottles) even if you think that it’s gonna be a ‘short’ hike. It was really humid and hot when we reached the summit and a cold beverage was the only thing in our minds that time. It’s better to bring a lot than be sorry in the end!

Above all, Mt. Tagapo was a lovely experience. My friends and I had so much fun! 10/10 I would recommend people to visit this place (especially for beginners).


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